The EnabledCatalysts Market Vertical covers consulting on catalysis for the manufacture of petrochemicals, specialty fine chemicals and renewables via efficient conversion of fossil fuels, waste, biomass and CO2. It looks at existing technology improvements such as new reactors and successive generations of catalysts as well as more step-out technologies such as modular production of chemicals using electrocatalysis, photocatalysis and other Power-To-X style modalities.

Reference projects carried out by Enabled Future include:

Consulting Projects

  • “Opportunities for new catalyst materials for CO2 electrolysis and ammonia cracking”, (Private Client), 2021
  • “The role of catalysis in production of chemicals and fuels for meeting UK NetZero targets”, (KTN/Innovate UK), 2020
  • “Catalysis Markets in the UK, France, Germany, China, Japan and the USA”, (KTN/Innovate UK), 2020
  • “Strategic pre-due diligence for syngas catalyst company acquisition process”, (Private Client), 2019

Multi-Client Services (including project management)

  • “Intelligence Report: Petrochemical Catalysts 2021-2027 – Incorporating Special Feature on Homogeneous Catalysts, (TCGR), 2022
    “Unconventional Catalytic Olefins II: Technological Evaluation and Commercial Assessment” (TCGR), 2021
    Catalytic Advances Program (CAP) Project Management, (TCGR), 2022
    “2020 Intelligence Report: Petrochemical Catalysts – Incorporating Special Feature on Climate Change Impacts on the Catalytic Process Industries”, (TCGR), 2018
    TCGR’s flagship catalyst multi-client report on catalyst technologies and markets. Incorporates a special feature report on low carbon catalytic processes for production of chemicals, fuels and polymers
    “The Intelligence Report: Petrochemical Catalyst Markets 2017-2023 – Incorporating Global Catalysts Centres of Excellence Special Feature “, TCGR, 2018
    Catalytic Advances Program (CAP) Project Management, (TCGR), 2022

Training & Public Speaking

  • Chemical Catalysts as Growth Drivers of Platinum Group Metals (PGM), IPMI European Chapter Conference, November 2017

Thought Leadership

  • “Catalysis in Russia”, (The Catalyst Review), February 2021
  • “Catalyst Centres of Excellence, 2020 Update and Patent Analysis”, (The Catalyst Review), August 2020
  • “Catalysis in Australia: The Sustainable Success Story Waiting to Happen”, (The Catalyst Review), May 2019
  • “Catalyst Turnaround Companies and Processes”, (The Catalyst Review), April 2019
  • “Opportunities for Catalysts in the Production of C4 Value Chain Chemicals”, (The Catalyst Review), February 2019
  • “White Paper: A roadmap for applied advanced catalytic materials research at RMIT”, (RMIT), 2019 
  • “Opportunities for Catalysts in the Production of C4 Value Chain Chemicals”, (The Catalyst Review), 2019
  • “Catalyst Turnarounds”, (The Catalyst Review), 2019
  • “White Paper: Options for greening the polyurethane value chain using advanced catalysts”, (Econic Technologies), 2017
  • “Additive Manufacturing of Catalysts” (The Catalyst Review), 2017
  • “Future Uses of Platinum Group Metals”, (The Catalyst Review), 2017
  • “Catalysis and Industry 4.0”, (The Catalyst Review), 2017
  • “Oil and Fats Hydrogenation”, (The Catalyst Review), 2017
  • “Chromium-Free Catalysis”, (The Catalyst Review), 2017

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