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Optimising Technology Portfolios For A Sustainable Future

Enabled Future Limited was incorporated on October 4th, 2016. Its mission is to provide consulting in chemicals, catalysis and advanced materials sectors in order to optimise technology portfolios and prevent attrition in company performance over time. Its four key Market Verticals are EnabledCatalysts, covering catalysis consulting, EnabledCircular, covering the circular economy, EnabledPower covering power technology systems for automotive and non-automotive applications and EnabledMetals covering the production, use and recycling of valuable metals used in production of catalysts, chemicals, batteries, fuel cells, renewable power production and other industries. The company brochure can be downloaded here

Its vision is to help stakeholders in the continual development and manufacture of catalyst, chemical and material technologies which remain current in the face of changes occurring in operational and market environments.  The goals of EFL’s services are for clients to enjoy a virtuous circle of accurately targeted, patent-protected innovations, rapid technology commercialisation, faster return on investment, increased market share, revenue and profits.

EFL’s goals and values encompass innovation for long-term societal benefit: providing support for commercialisation of technologies, products and services which create jobs, increase GDP and quality of life in a manner that has the least possible negative impact on the environment.

EFL’s approach utilises experience gained over 15 years in the catalyst, precious metals, chemicals and recycling sectors as well as 10 years in consulting. This experience is combined with the ability to gather up-to-date intelligence from secondary research of a wide array of public domain information and deep patent analysis. This information is then evaluated and reality checked using primary research with contacts along all parts of the supply chain. This approach provides a systematic, in-depth view of companies, technologies and market applications.

Enabled Future Limited Capabilities and Approach to Assignments

EFL’s three key Market Verticals are delivered as bespoke Consulting, Multi-Client reports, Thought Leadership (encompassing industry articles and white papers), as well as Training sessions.

Enabled Future Limited’s Three Market Verticals


EFL has a unique focus tailored specifically for innovative forward-thinking organisations looking to develop sustainable, future-proof technologies. For more information on EFL’s activities and services please contact its Director and Owner:

Dr Michelle Lynch

Mob:     +44 (0) 7539 966777

Email:    [email protected]