Thought Leadership

EFL provides Thought Leadership (TL) in the form of:

  • Written articles for leading industry trade journals and web-based publications.
  • Web Logs (Blogs) & Video Logs (VLOGs), live and recorded webinars.

Recent examples include

  • TL: Chromium-Free Catalysis (The Catalyst Review)
  • TL: Catalysis and Industry 4.0 (The Catalyst Review)
  • TL: Application of Additive Manufacturing to Catalyst Production (The Catalyst Review)
  • TL: Future Uses of PGM (The Catalyst Review)

Director experience includes:

  • TL: Nanotechnology, Intellectual Property, Catalysts and Superabsorbent Polymers (IHS Markit)
  • VLOG: Nanotechnology (IHS Markit)
  • Webcasts: Thermochemical Processes for Biofuels Production¬†(Nexant)

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