Enabled Future CEO to Attend & Present at Chemspec Europe, 19-20th June, 2024

Enabled Future Limited’s CEO Dr Michelle Lynch will be presenting at the forthcoming Chemspec Europe – Int. Exhibition for Fine & Speciality Chemicals where she will give a presentation on Thursday 20th June at 11.00-11.45 am on “The Landscape for “Precious Metals Catalysts Supply and Refine for Production of Agrochemicals“.

This presentation will highlight growth segments in the fine chemicals market and detail examples of published, non-confidential routes for large volume agrochemicals which use a precious metal catalyst. Precious metal refining challenges will be reviewed and strategic analysis of options for supply chain participants to provide efficient, competitive, and sustainable PGM supply chain products and services will be set out.

The presentation content showcases the Enabled Future Limited PGM Catalysts for Fine Chemicals Subscription Service which is available as an annual subscription divided into quarterly deliverables for Europe and North America. Custom geographies are available on request. The service covers the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, flavours & fragrances and food, personal care and other (FPCO) markets. Please contact us for subscription details.