New Solar Power Recycling (SPR) Tracker Available

Enabled Future Limited has a brand new solar photovoltaic recycling tracker

EFL has developed a new solar PV recycling (SPR) tracker product. This is one of a number of trackers that we produce each month across different industries. Trackers are delivered in spreadsheet format, and are designed to offer a concise and insightful view of technical and commercial developments.

The subscription runs annually – and we already have the January 2023 edition available. The tracker contains an SPR company profile directory, SPR patent analysis for relevant patent filings published over the previous month, as well as all the main corporate developments. The corporate news categories include: company news, transactions news, legislative news, market news and research & innovation news. One spotlight article can be added per month for individual subscribers in their specific area of interest.

The SPR Tracker is a valuable product for strategic planners, researchers, solar PV manufacturers, recyclers and investors looking to get a fast view of this landscape.

To book a demonstration please send us an email